Cam Secore

I built this place. I'm a huge Apple fan and always buy their new products on release day. Here are my favorite things.


MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar 13" (2018)

I’m on this for at least ten hours a day and bring it everywhere with me. I use it to get all my work done.


iPhone XS Max

I buy the new iPhone on release day, every year. I can’t tell you it’s the best phone on the market; I’ve never tried anything else.


Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless

Paying by using a watch is a magical experience. Also, getting phone notifications on your wrist saves time and is convenient.


Sonos Play:5

It's the best speaker I've ever owned.


Apple AirPods

This is Apple’s best product since iPad. You’ll forget you’re wearing them after a few minutes.


Apple TV 4K

I don’t buy discs anymore. I own about 80 movies purchased through iTunes. I also stream Netflix, HBO, and Showtime.


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

It's tough to get excited about a vacuum, but this is my favorite product of 2018. I'll never vacuum with a cord again.


Philips Hue Starter Kit

I have these in every room in my house. I control them through Siri on my phone. For instance, I’ll say "set the lights to 35%" and it dims to 35%.


Apple HomePod

You won't find a better sounding speaker at this price and size. It works great as an Apple TV speaker too.


Sonos Beam

I replaced my Playbar with Beam to get AirPlay compatibiltiy and a sleeker look. Beam with the sub sounds better than Playbar alone.


Dyson Air Mulitiplier Table Fan

It's too expensive for a fan, but there isn't a better one on the market. It's almost silent in the lower settings.


Eero WiFi (2nd Gen)

It's the best mesh router on the market. It gives me great WiFi in my backyard.


Yale Assure w/ August

It's the first smart lock with great software and hardware. It auto-unlocks when I arrive home.


Ecobee4 Thermostat

I don't love this product because it's not as nice as Nest, but it saves me money and has HomeKit compatibility.